Applied Learning

Applied learning is considered the “umbrella” term that defines any hands-on experience in our schools. Our applied learning model is comprised of several types of methodologies that the student will experience during their time at our schools. This includes service-learning, classroom activities, labs, field trips, workplace applications (internships, clinical, etc.), and global applications/experiences. All of these experiences create more prepared, professional and well-rounded students.

Applied learning is something the Globe University Sioux Falls Campus is very involved with. Our instructors like to provide a variety of ways for students to learn and with the use of Applied Learning it is achieved. The students are involved with a variety of projects that help to enhance learning. The Early Fall Quarter will be no exception. There are a variety of activities that have been in the planning stages while students were enjoying summer break. There is a variety of service learning projects, field trips, guest speakers, volunteer activities, and events that will be happening this quarter.

To help individuals gain a stronger understanding of applied learning, check out this video: Applied Learning
We are looking forward to the start of the new quarter here in Sioux Falls.

If you have an applied learning experience that you would like to share, contact us!  Your fellow students enjoy hearing about how assignments and projects are applied to the workplace.  If you would like to share your experience, please contact Jacinda Miller at