Are You Prepared? 4 Ways to Be Ready

We seem to be inundated with one emergency after another in the world. We watch the stories unfold on television or online, but what would you do if an emergency took place at your office or neighborhood? Would you be prepared to respond?

Students enrolled in the criminal justice degree program at Globe University in downtown Minneapolis recently volunteered at the PrepareFair. The Minneapolis PrepareFair is one way the Downtown Emergency Advisory Committee (DEAC), an initiative of the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, is raising awareness about the important role that downtown businesses, building owners, managers and community members play in preparing for and responding to an emergency.

criminal justice degree program

Globe University criminal justice students talk with Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau

The criminal justice class, which is taught by Joe Vanasse, introduced the students to Renee Allen, Minneapolis crime prevention coordinator, and Shane Zhan, who is with the Downtown Improvement District.

Students received a free t-shirt to wear signifying their volunteer status, a lunch voucher from Potbelly (what college student doesn’t like a free lunch?), and an opportunity to network with one of the largest congregations of criminal justice professionals under one roof.

They helped set up vendor tables, helped individual vendors with their displays, and had the awesome opportunity to meet Minneapolis Police Chief Harteau. The class also met members of the Minneapolis SWAT team, the bomb squad, the mounted patrol, water patrol, and other various community based-criminal justice related agencies.

There is never an absolute way to be prepared for disaster, but not having a plan will just make it more difficult. Here are four ways to be ready for an emergency:

  1. Be Informed: Know what is going on in your community and know what to do before, during and after an emergency.
  2. Make a Plan: Prepare, plan and stay informed for emergencies.
  3. Build a Kit: Build a kit for disasters to be prepared.
  4. Get Involved: Find opportunities to support community preparedness.

One of the students in the criminal justice program, Corina Loya, said, “This is why I love attending Globe University downtown—I am able to be involved in some high profile events and meet influential people.”

criminal justice program


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