Are You Ready for Some GOOD News?

service learningIt’s out there! Bad news is everywhere! We’ve all had our fill of bad news from shootings to catastrophic storms in the news. It would be refreshing to hear some good news for once!

Good news!  Globe University staff and students have been part of creating a happier and healthier community! Throughout the past year, staff and students have been committed to providing a variety of services to nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations in the community.

Each quarter classes are assigned projects that provide hands-on, real life learning experiences for the students. These are classes from across the curriculum including Business, Criminal Justice, Massage, Medical Assisting, Paralegal,Technology, and Veterinary Tech programs. The community benefits from these projects through direct, indirect, research or advocacy that is provided to the organization or business. These Service-Learning opportunities add up to create an amazing impact on our community.

Throughout the 2012 year, Globe University-Eau Claire students and staff have provided 2,014 documented hours of service to our community partners.  These service learningpartners include everything from human health,safety,and education to pet health,safety, and education. Some projects involved meeting community and partner needs through good old fashioned sweat and elbow grease by  cleaning, painting or organizing. Sometimes “blood shed” is involved. This is particularly true when students and staff host a Blood Drive on campus and provide not only skills and personnel in welcoming and registering participants, but also providing the space to conduct the Blood Drive. Often staff and students also give blood for the drive.

The good news about these projects is not only about blood and sweat. A few tears are shed through this process as well. These are not tears of sadness over “bad news” but tears of thankfulness and appreciation from those served as well as those who serve.

The good feelings associated with giving back to the community goes both ways! Staff and students benefit from the smiles, words of appreciation and encouragement of the elderly, the homeless, the hungry, as well as the overworked, understaffed people they serve. A benefit that brings tears to one’s eyes on occasion. Service, learning, and appreciation.This is really good news for service learningeveryone!

If you are looking for some good news this year, look no further than a Globe University blog. We are always ready and willing to share some good news of the great things that are happening on our campuses! We’ll keep you posted on GOOD news!