Beaver Creek Reserve Gets a Budget Boost

Class analysis strengthens environmental center’s financial position

Managerial Accounting students at Globe University-Eau Claire exercised their financial know-how and explored Beaver Creek Reserve’s (BCR) revenue stream. The result? A river of budget-friendly recommendations for the nature center.

Founded in 1947, BCR offers programs, activities and experiences to motivate people of any age to discover the wonders of the natural world.

“Beaver Creek Reserve is all about connecting people with nature,” said Angela Sommers, Volunteer Coordinator. “In our everyday lives of work, shopping [and] chores, we sometimes forget to take a moment and reconnect with the natural world.”

Among the class’s key recommendations were a price hike at BCR’s annual plant sale and $5 membership dues increase.

The class concluded most members would gladly accept these changes to strengthen BCR’s financial position. The students’ analysis also suggested the extra revenue would generate the same profits as a fundraiser, minus the additional staff and volunteer hours.

Class members presented their findings to BCR’s board of directors—which recognized the potential benefits and is eager to employ the accounting students’ strategies.