Books That Influence You – Pet Cemetery

I talked with Autumn Whitely last week. I’m sure you all know Autumn; she’s one of our Vet Tech instructors. Something you may not have known about her, though, is that she didn’t start out to be a vet tech; She is also  a registered nurse and has been one since 2007!

When she decided to “switch gears” and study to become a vet tech instead of a nurse, she discovered that there wasn’t anyplace open near her home (yet) where she could become a vet tech.

That all changed when our campus opened; she could easily make the drive from her home in western Minnesota.

Hearing how she decided to become a vet tech is really interesting. I was somewhat surprised to find out that she did it more because of the influence of a person, rather than specifically because of a book. But here; I’ll let her tell her own story.

“So here goes. I was influenced by a person and my love for animals. When I had first started nursing school, my husband and I adopted an adorable little puppy that appeared to be in good health. Within 3 days she had come down with the symptoms of Parvovirus. My dogs only get sick on weekends and holidays so that was, of course, on Thanksgiving night.

When we took her to the emergency clinic there was a vet tech, named Tracy, working there. She was great with our sick puppy, great with her client education with us, and had what seemed to be the most awesome job in the world. Before meeting her, I had no idea that there was such a thing as “nurses for animals”. I’m pretty sure it was that night that I decided that I wanted to be a vet tech.

As I mentioned when we talked there was no particular book that influenced me to be a vet tech. I am a HUGE Stephan King fan though so who doesn’t like the creepy cat coming back to life in Pet Cemetery. 🙂 ”

What book or person influenced you the most to start your professional education or career?