Building Skills & Success: Globe University Students Coordinate Project to Help Community

“You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.” We’ve all heard this before, and it’s simply not true. At Globe University, many of our courses implement hands-on applied learning which gives students the experience they need to be competitive in today’s workforce.

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Project Management students Scott Miller, Corinne Dockter, and Julie Roberts stand near one of the pre-built bookshelves.

This quarter, students in the Project Management Course at Globe University-Madison East learned firsthand what project management really means. Chad Obright’s Project Management class utilized the knowledge and skills they were learning in class to help plan and manage a special service learning project for Middleton and Belleville high school student called “Business of Building Community” at the Globe University-Madison West campus.

Community Partners

“Business of Building Community” was a partnership project with Habitat for Humanity of Dane County where the 57 participating high school students worked in small teams to build bookshelves for future Habitat for Humanity homeowners. In addition to building the bookshelves, students learned about home management, the financial tools necessary for home ownership, and what goes into a home inspection.

Area businesses such as Gorman & Company, Associated Bank, American Home Consultants and Insulation of Madison, STS Technical Services and AL Landscaping sponsored the event which allowed Globe to purchase all of the lumber for the bookshelves.

Building Skills & Success

The Project Management course at Globe University introduces students to the challenges of managing multiple projects successfully. The course teaches students various techniques, tools and theories including project selection, planning, control, work breakdown structures, cost estimates, risk management and financing.


“This was a great learning experience for both Globe students and the high school students who participated for credit towards their service learning,” said business management student Sheryl Scott. “Both sets of students were able to utilize project management, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to accomplish the mission of building bookshelves for a common goal for Habitat for Humanity. This not only gave all students a learning experience, but a hands-on, out of the box experience most colleges do not provide.”

Prior to the event, the students put together project plans for the bookshelves, broke down the pricing of the materials needed, pre-built bookcases, performed test trials, did some troubleshooting, and put together an instructional video and written instructions on how to put together a bookshelf.

At the event, the Project Management students acted as project supervisors, setting up the rooms, managing and running the rooms, and showing the high school students instructional videos. They worked with the groups of high school students to help them understand the building process.

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High school students work together to build their bookshelves.

“Every once in a while, an educator gets extremely lucky,” said Business and Paralegal Program Chair Erica Healey. “For me, it was recognizing a special group of students and knowing that they have potential beyond the four walls of a classroom. Combined with the guidance of their instructor, Chad Obright, these amazing students were asked if they’d like to dedicate seven weeks of their education to service learning. Unanimously, they decided to accept the challenge and rose to the occasion. I would, without hesitation, volunteer to be a member of a team with this degree of dedication in the future.”