Business Law Class Heats up Debate about Parental Rights and Responsibilities

House Representatives hear new perspective from students

Business law students from Globe University–Minneapolis held a debate centered on shared parental custody for divorcing parents that attracted the attention of Minnesota House Representatives.

This applied learning project focused on two bills: HF292 and HF322. The bills’ authors, House Representatives Diane Anderson, R-Eagan, and Peggy Scott, R-Anoka, attended the event and shared feedback with the students. Kim Norton, DFL-Rochester, joined the students during their final preparation. Speaking with these legislators helped the students grasp how these bills are interpreted, applied, and why the topic warrants discussion.

By the end of the nearly two-hour debate, students had formed their own opinions about these bills and saw how parental rights and responsibilities affect many lives.

“Current laws are based more on tradition than on what needs to be done now,” said business student Riham Elkaramany.

The students noted that regardless of what side of the debate they were on, they could see the other side’s views.

“We’re too comfortable with the way things have been, and we shouldn’t be that comfortable,” Elkaramany said.