Business Student Realizes Dream Through Restaurant

“If I don’t do it…what if? You can’t live in a life full of ‘what ifs’, so I had to go for it.”  That’s what Globe University-Madison East business administration student Patrick Hiebing said about taking over his family’s restaurant, Brat und Brau. 

If you grew up in the Madison area, you might be familiar with Brat und Brau. At one time there were five Brat und Brau locations in Madison. In 2001, the last location closed. But it was always Hiebing’s dream to run his own Brat und Brau. Now, with the help of a partner, his dream has come true.

Brat und Brau

Patrick Hiebing working the cash register at Brat und Brau.

When he lost his job in 2010, Hiebing decided it was time to earn a degree, so he came to Globe University-Madison East.  Last year, he and his business partner started Brat und Brau up again in Mazomanie, Wis., on a weekend basis. They found that many of their customers were driving from Madison, so they decided to move the restaurant to Madison and have regular hours. 

This summer, Brat und Brau opened on the Northside of Madison across from Warner Park in the Northside Town Center. The restaurant offers many of the same German/Wisconsin food choices they had at their previous locations including steak, pork, chicken, and, of course, the almighty bratwurst. 

Recently, Hiebing was able to give back to his fellow Globe students. The Accounting Principles I class visited Brat und Brau to learn more about basic accounting in the restaurant industry. They discussed why accounting is important as a business owner and why, even if you have an accountant, you need to have some understanding of accounting.

Brat und Brau has an accountant, but Patrick uses some of the accounting skills he learned at Globe when he completes the daily recap sheets.

“Patrick completes his accounting records much like we do in class, by hand,” said accounting program instructor, Emily Olson.

Visiting the restaurant was not only informative for the students, but also for Hiebing. They were able to act as a focus group for him and explained what they look for in a restaurant. It was a win-win experience.

Earlier this year, Hiebing was given the Standout Student of the Year Award in the business program. He is graduating with honors this month with his associate degree in business administration, and he looks forward to using his accounting and business skills to help the restaurant grow and succeed.

accounting program

The Accounting Principles I class visited Brat und Brau.