Business Writing Class pens letters to influential individuals, celebrities and business people

The Hughes Foundation's mission is to bring global awareness and support to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS

Learning objectives are essential to the curriculum of each
class that students take at Globe University. In Business Writing, students at
Globe University learn what it means to write persuasive business materials. As
part of this learning objective, students in Tom Stoltz’s Fall 2011 Business Writing
class were given the opportunity to write persuasive letters to influential
celebrities and powerful business people all for a good cause.

The student’s letters were written on behalf of the Hughes
Foundation, which was started by Jerry Hughes in order to bring global awareness
to HIV/AIDS. “Hughes Foundation is a lifeline to individuals and families
affected by HIV/AIDS in India, Namibia, Panama and the United States,” says the
Foundation’s website. “The volunteers and donors deeply rooted in their
commitment to the global HIV/AIDS community.”

Addresses for various influential people were provided by
the Hughes Foundation so that the Business Writing students could reach out to
them through letters. Their letters served as informative, persuasive pieces;
written to garner support for the Hughes Foundation mission. Jerry Hughes hopes
that the letters will help spread the word about the great work that the Hughes
Foundation is doing to support the HIV/AIDS awareness mission.