Call These IT Students for a New Computer!

Everyone seems to be looking for the newest and latest computer technology—that latest smart phone, laptop or computer.  It seems we are forever paying for new technology and the fees that it costs to keep them operating.

information technology degreeSome of the information technology degree students at Globe University in Minneapolis recently had the learning opportunity to build a PC from scratch!  Nicholas Odhiambo, information technology adjunct instructor, thought the project was perfect for getting hands-on-experience with the hardware and contents of a computer.

The students learned about the various parts of a PC and how the components and peripherals connect to the Central Processing Unit (CPU).  Some of the PC parts they learned about include microprocessors, RAM, BIOS, motherboards, power supplies, hard drives, removable media.

I don’t understand what most of those parts are, which is why I am thankful there are brilliant IT students at Globe University who do! I think most of us would agree we love when our technology works, but when it doesn’t we most likely would like to crush the “motherboard.”
information technology degree

As part of the course, each student received PC parts and then built the computer from scratch, doing a lot of troubleshooting in the process, and installing the operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 8).  The best part of this project is that each student was able to take the computer home to their families!

IT student Jesse Peterson said, “This was by far one of the best college projects.  It was a blast to build my own PC and I learned a lot.”

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