Campus Career Closet a No Go But Students Still Gain Experience

Globe University Customer Service Strategies students gained experience this quarter with creating surveys, verbal communication skills, presentation skills, and gained an understanding of needs of students on our campus. The students created a survey to research if our campus would benefit from a Campus Career Closest. The concept of a campus career closet is something that has been discussed at various levels but until this quarter the need was never assessed. A campus career closest in theory would provide a place for students to gain access for professional clothing to be used for interviews.

BS170 students meet regularly to discuss the implementation of the project, created a survey that was presented to students on campus. From the survey results the students put together a presentation to discuss the feedback as well as their suggestions for the project. The students were able to look at various aspects of implementing a career closest on campus understanding the needs of customer service that would be appropriate.

Although the student’s finding suggested a campus career closest could be beneficial, the need is not great enough to implement this on campus at this point. However there are resources available in our community to help with this need.