Can You See Yourself Working as a Zookeeper?

On April 10, 2013 Globe University-Green Bay held its first ever Vet Tech Career Exploration Event.  The purpose of this event was to enlighten our veterinary technology students and create awareness for the many diverse animal-related employment opportunities that exist.  We had guests from the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association, local animal control, the Humane Society, and of course several of our area vet clinics.

vet tech career

Panel members discuss career options at the Vet Tech Career Exploration event.

The event was set up as a panel-style question and answer format, where our students were given free reign to ask our guests any question that they desired.  It was a huge success, as excitement, and positive energy was flowing throughout our campus!

Our vet tech students heard some fantastic advice from our guests. For example, Becki Kollman, the office manager from Bay East Animal Hospital, told them:  “Network, network, network!”

She and others on the panel stressed to our students the importance of starting their job searches while they are still in school, and certainly well before graduation. They talked about the importance of volunteering their time, introducing themselves to people from area clinics, and building their network now.

Sharon Hensen, with the Green Bay Police Department Animal Control, told the captive audience of future vet techs,  “Don’t limit yourselves when considering opportunities in your career field. Keep your eyes wide open to some of the exciting jobs that are out there just waiting for you!”

Sharon asked students if they could imagine themselves cleaning a grizzly bear’s teeth or helping birth a baby giraffe as a zookeeper.

Sharon told several interesting stories about her own career path, and how she ended up in her role as animal control officer.  She even shared stories about her pet anteaters!

vet tech career

Students take notes on important career advice

After the event concluded, countless students stayed afterwards, seeking one-on-one time with our guests to ask more questions and build relationships that will benefit them now and into the future. We also heard only positive feedback from our guests, many of them stating that they would love to be invited back for the next event.

The Vet Tech Career Exploration Event will be the first of many to come, so watch for details on the next event.

vet tech career

By Mark Taggart, Career Services Coordinator, Globe University-Green Bay