Career Advice for Creative Minds: Element Ad Agency Shares Tips

interactive media, graphic designStudents earning an interactive media & graphic design degree at Globe University saw how a real advertising agency operates with a visit to Element, an advertising agency in De Pere, Wis. The trip was part of the students’ Advertising and Promotions course and included a chance to talk with the agency’s management team. Students learned about the creative and business sides to the company.

Element’s portfolio of 75+ clients includes everything from a veterinary clinic to a ski hill resort.

Lessons Learned From Element

Interactive media is so much harder to estimate for projects because of so many moving parts including testing on different mobile devices and the factor of your client.

Never design in burgundy because it is the hardest to reproduce.

Career Advice for Interactive Media & Graphic Design students

  1. Element gets a lot of applications on a daily basis; an internship is a great way to get started in the field.
  2. If you don’t include a portfolio, don’t bother applying; your resume won’t even be looked at.
  3. Common sense has gone to the wayside. Be sure to:
  • Spell check emails
  • Remember to include attachments
  • Include details on what you are interested in
  • Show your personality and be professional
  • Sending written, personalized thank you notes the next day are crucial and make you stand out.

interactive media & graphic design degreeQuestions & Answers

Juanita Qualley, interactive media and graphic design student asked, “Is the customer always right?”

Derek Blaszak , account executive & publicity coordinator, answered, “You need to sometimes really sell the project to your client and it doesn’t always work out. The client’s opinion is what matters the most.”

Justin Hardke, interactive media and graphic design student, asked, “Did you ever have a project rejected and have to start over?”

Blaszak stated, “This sometimes happens, but with website design it’s good to have two different concepts and best to relate yourself to the company to get the best feel.”

The Globe University-Green Bay interactive media & graphic design students valued gaining this inside perspective on their career field.