Caring Connections: Alumni Receives Marketing Plan Developed by Massage Therapy Students

Massage Therapy Students

Ethics and Business of Massage students pose with Becki Pflager.

Choosing an angle to market your Massage Therapy business can be an intimidating task, but for Becki Pflager, Alumni in the Massage Therapy program at Globe University-Madison West, it became easier thanks to her former classmates.

Becki, who recently opened her own business called Caring Connections Massage & Wellness Center, was the recipient of a marketing packet created by students in the Ethics and Business of Massage class. Students presented a marketing niche they felt would benefit Caring Connections, focusing on employee massage.

Business of Massage students pitched their final project to Becki through a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation highlighted the benefits of employers offering chair massage to their employees. These benefits include: a boost in energy, alertness and productivity, reduction of muscle tension and pain, emotional stress relief and encourages overall relaxation and rejuvenation. It went on to provide Becki with additional material to present to clients on the benefits of offering employees on-site massage therapy.

In addition to the presentation, students in the massage therapy program presented Becki with marketing materials she needs to promote her business. This included a fully designed brochure on the benefits of employee chair massage, business cards, and an event flyer template. Lastly, students in the massage therapy program surprised Becki with a primary element of a successful business, her first client.

Students connected her with Lyn Pilch, owner of Pilch & Barnett a local Public Relations firm. Students first connected with Lyn when she was a guest speaker in their Business of Massage class. Students took notice when Lyn expressed an interest in hiring a professional massage therapist to provide chair massages at her office. Without prompting, Lyn stated that she would love to have someone come to her office to provide chair massage, but it’s not something she thinks about going out to get. Should someone come to her with a proposal, however, she would jump at the chance. Students took the initiative and referred Caring Connections Massage & Wellness Center.

Massage Therapy Students

Massage Therapy Alumni, Becki Pflager smiles as student Kathy Laib explains the new marketing packet to her.

Reflecting on the final project, Becki beamed with excitement. “Lots of thanks to the Business of Massage class. They did an impressive job. They were very thorough and even though of things that I hadn’t. The folders and presentations they created for Caring Connections to use are professional and informative. I couldn’t have asked for a better end result. I really appreciate having had the opportunity to work with Globe and these students.”

Students in the Massage Therapy program reflected on their work: “I enjoyed making a business plan for Becki. It prepares us also for the future, also for when we decide to open our own business we have an idea of what to accomplish.” shared Claribel Garcia.

“Our service learning project was to help Becki with a business plan and it taught me how effective chair massage is, and how massage in general helps. It encouraged me to further educate others on the benefits of massage.” said Dyshaun McDaniel

“Working with Becki is always amazing. She is a strong willed, determined and inspiring person. I would love to do this again because it helped me learn a few things about starting a business.” added Kathy Laib.