Chelsea Update: Surgery Success!

A few weeks back we shared the story of Chelsea, a sweet 1-year
old Collie-mix. GU-Wausau’s partnership with Langlade County Humane Society led
the Humane Society  staff to bring Chelsea to us for some help finding an answer to an issue she had with her leg. Chelsea was unable to walk on her right front
limb when she came in.   While our Vet Tech students were aiding the GU-Wausau
Staff Veterinarians with a routine spay procedure for Chelsea, they also took x-rays in the radiology lab while Chelsea was still sedated.  It was discovered through the x-rays that she had a serious fracture on her humerus.

Diane Scott, DVM, GU’s Resident Veterinarian and her partner Dr.
Chris Hankinson and their Oakview Animal Hospital colleagues wanted to help. They came together to open the doors of their practice to provide necessary surgery for Chelsea.
GU-Wausau Vet tech students and staff, along with Dr. Hankinson performed a
surgery to successfully amputate Chelsea’s front leg, restoring her quality of
life.  Meeting Chelsea and working to restore her health was  achievable through this necessary surgery; for her it was the amputation of her limb that was affecting her quality of life.

“As animals (from partnering Humane Societies) come through our program we will have the opportunity to assess their health, provide recommendations and surgical options to animals like Chelsea, and provide improvements for them” said program chair Jamie Cihlar.

Chelsea is quite the trooper! She is recovering amazingly well
after surgery, and there has been huge interest in her story. One of our
students, who is looking to gain employment as an animal rehabilitation
specialist upon graduation, had the opportunity to care for Chelsea as she healed.  Dr. Hankinson, who performed the surgery has fallen to Chelsea’s charms!  He adopted her and now Chelsea has a new forever home.

Chelsea is one amazing success story! This experience has led the Vet Tech program to begin a grassroots fund to help animals that would not otherwise have the opportunity to receive specialty care while in a shelter.

“Donations will go towards treatments and surgeries that will make the animal more adoptable and aid the shelters, since many shelters cannot afford specialized treatments for individual animals. This can only be done with the help of our amazing Veterinary
Community since as a teaching facility we do not have the specialty equipment,
or the appropriate facility to care for these animals on campus.” said Jamie Cihlar.

The staff at Langlade County Humane Society are very thankful that Drs. Scott and Hankinson offered to do the surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about Chelsea, GU-Wausau’s Sweetheart, or how you may partner with the GU-Wausau Vet Tech Program to provide for animals who need assistance,  please e-mail: or Jamie Cihlar: