Chicken Farming Offers Business Opportunity for Tanzanians

MBA students develop business proposal for Peace House Africa

Alison Streiff and Joseph Russell, MBA students in Holly Tapper’s Politics of Leadership in a Global Economy at Globe University, developed a plan for a chicken farming business that could create a brighter future for children and families near Arusha, Tanzania.

“The project was chosen because we wanted to implement something that would be sustainable in any condition both financially and climate-wise,” Streiff said.

Working with Peace House, a Minnesota nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the economic future of people in East Africa, Streiff and Russell embarked on a research project to identify viable agribusinesses within the constraints of climate, geography and available resources.

Streiff and Russell conducted financial analyses to determine the cost of raising chickens, building the necessary facilities and developing a market to sell eggs. They concluded that raising chickens and selling eggs offered the most promise for a favorable return on investment.

“We felt [chicken farming] can serve students, volunteers and the community surrounding Peace House because it can involve all members of the community that are close to the school,” Russell said. “Raising chickens can produce a food source for families while also teaching the students about farming and agriculture.”