Chippewa Valley Free Clinic

Medical Assisting students enrolled in the Globe University Eau Claire Patient Care course are both  serving and learning this quarter at a local free health clinic. The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic is a community funded and volunteer run organization that relies on the support of the community to thrive and provide quality patient care to it’s clients.

Two times a week, the students have been involved in the vital preparation necessary for the clinic to open its doors. Some of the preparation the students assist with include: assisting the clinic’s volunteers and staff (which consists of a team of doctors, nurses and community members), pulling charts, filling in paperwork, cleaning and preparing exam rooms, and more. The students are learning vital skills and knowledge in regards to understanding the entire picture of all that is involved with patient care.

Maribeth Woodford, the Clinic Director, stated: “Globe students have been a tremendous asset to the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic…The Medical Assistants of Globe’s Service-Learning program contribute a great benefit to the Clinic by preparing and cleaning patient and administration areas twice a week.  This service allows us to focus our limited funding and staff resources on patient care.  We count on the Globe Medical Assisting students to keep our clinic ready for patients!”