Globe University – Green Bay Class Project Turns Into Job Promotion

Little did Pamela Roberson realize that a class project would result in more than just a good grade. Most students don’t always take assignments seriously, but Pamela decided she was going to put in 110 percent, and it paid off big time!

In Professional Communications at Globe University – Green Bay, students were tasked with an applied learning project to evaluate a piece of communication and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. Pamela partnered with her current employer, Moraine Ridge Senior Living in Green Bay, Wisconsin.IMG_2431

She chose to help revamp their current marketing piece that was a large-sized booklet brochure with an insert. It was filled with cheesy stock images of actors, lots of sentences, and too much content that didn’t seem to make sense for prospective families who were looking for information just about their particular services.

Pamela met with her supervisor and the owner to review the task and hear feedback on what improvements they would like. She found that working as the team lead allowed her a good perspective to think about the most important pieces of information to share and also helped the facility in unifying their definition as a retirement community.

The Professional Communications I course provides learning about both written and verbal communication in the workplace. Pamela was able to practice both through this project.

“Being able to write a professional business letter was important to me and my professional career. It was good to get the practice and because of this I felt more comfortable in writing emails to both my director and the owner,” Pamela said.

She also was able to practice the skills she learned in class about conducting meetings and about ways to revise writing, beyond just words. She was able to incorporate lessons learned about: being concise, having a purpose, creating white space, attention to order and layout, making bulleted lists instead of sentences, and relevance of imagery.  IMG_2427

The result? A succinct and impressive tri-fold brochure that caters to families who are looking for living options for a parent. It is complete with real images of the facility and their seniors, and the content is more relevant and less overwhelming.  The new brochure is already being handed out to prospective residents and families on tours, and her employer is extremely happy with the result.

This project allowed Pamela the opportunity to demonstrate some of her additional skills from school that she can provide at work.  Moraine Ridge recognized this benefit not only for them but her as well.

By completing the project, Pamela was promoted to a new position, with better hours, and one that will make more use of what she is gaining from Globe to apply at work and contribute in additional ways. Hard work certainly does pay off!  Congratulations and well done, Pamela!