Coming to a Gym Near You: Free Massage

Typically, at Globe University, massage therapy program students get their clinical hours in by providing complimentary massages at the campus clinic. While many community members are more than happy to volunteer to receive a massage, it does not allow the students the chance to push outside of their comfort zone. Dani Mortenson’s sports massage class at our Green Bay, Wis., campus decided to mix it up this past quarter, and each week they are visiting local fitness facilities and providing massages to their clients.

One of the first stops on the massage road trip was Fitnessology.

massage therapy program

From left: Massage students Crystal Lewis and Joel Wagner with instructor Dani Mortenson

This got me wondering, what is the difference between a sports massage versus a Swedish massage or your typical massage? Did it make a difference working on toned athletes or someone who was out of shape?

Dani Mortenson, massage instructor, had the answers to these questions. Mortenson shared that sports massage is unique to each individual because of the sport or activities they are involved in and how the massage therapist will have to work on that particular issue. For example, someone who plays tennis may use their right arm more in a particular motion which causes extra stress in certain areas.

It does make a difference on the client because there will be more definition of the muscle on certain bodies, whereas others may not be as defined.

massage therapy program

Crystal Lewis works on a client at Fitnessology

Crystal Lewis, a massage student in the class, shared her experience. “Working with the community provides wonderful opportunities,” she said. “Students get a chance to show the community the excellence of education they are receiving from Globe University. Giving massages is a good way to educate individuals who may never have gone to see a massage therapist about the benefits of massage. They can see that massage is not just a luxury, but a necessity for some individuals and beneficial for everyone.”

This opportunity has made a great impact on students in Mortenson’s class. Student Joel Wagner said, “It’s classes like these that really make a difference. In all honesty, I love classes like these. It makes learning so much easier.”

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