Cooling off with Canines – Students Educate Public on Animal Dental Care at “Drool in the Pool”

Globe University students pose at Neenah Pool during the Drool in the Pool event.

Globe University-Appleton students of the Veterinary Technology program took to the pool to educate dog owners on animal dental care as part of an applied learning project. The Application of Clinical Skills class students prepared signs and pamphlets to distribute to attendees of “Drool in the Pool” at Neenah Pool.

As one of Neenah Animal Shelter’s largest fundraisers, Drool in the Pool is a benefit where owners can bring their furry friends to the public pool when it’s open for just one more day – but not for humans! Owners are able to bring their dogs to the pool through a partnership between Neenah Park and Recreation Department and the shelter. All funds collected will offset costs for Neenah Animal Shelter.

Over 150 dogs enjoyed playing and swimming in the pool over the course of the day.

Veterinary Technology program chair Becca Lange enjoys working with the Neenah Animal Shelter because it provides a good way for the students to gain experience with animals and the public. “The students volunteered their time at the Neenah Animal Shelter Drool in the Pool event,” Lange said. “At this event, the students did free dental exams and educated the owners on proper dental care.”

This experience is crucial for the veterinary technology students as they require a more hands-on approach in their field. “The students learned to take their education in class and apply towards client education. It allowed them to see how to change the delivery of information to better suit how a client understands. It also gave them the opportunity to interact with the general public and educate them.” Lange said.

Globe University provided gifts for attending dogs – frisbees!

This is the second year of Globe University’s involvement with Drool in the Pool. Through their partnership, Neenah Animal Shelter is able to gain funds and assistance with daily operations, while Globe University’s students gain the needed knowledge and experience to excel in their career after college.