Cop Mom Helps Cub Scouts Develop Respect

criminal justice degree, Globe University online

Rhonda Olson, Globe University student

Rhonda Olson, a criminal justice degree student, recipient of Globe University’s Peace Officer Scholarship, and an active police officer, was no stranger to working in the community, yet she knew that she could connect even further by working with her son’s Cub Scouts group.

The Global Citizenship class offered at Globe University helps students to realize the difference that one person can make in their local communities.  One assignment that students complete in Global Citizenship is a service learning  project.  Students are encouraged to become involved and give back to their communities.

As her service learning project, Rhonda worked with her eldest son’s Cub Scouts group to develop respect for each other, friendships and a sense of caring for the community around them.  Rhonda had her group involved in several projects, with one of those being a food drive.  Rhonda and her Cub Scouts distributed bags to homes in their community so that people could donate food items.  In this process, she was able to teach the children about the importance of giving to others as well as a sense of gratitude for all that we have.

Rhonda says, “My boys would complain about what I made for supper and I would remind them about the food drive.  Now, they hardly complain anymore.  Just by doing that one little act of kindness of giving out a grocery sack to fill with food, the boys were able to put into perspective how fortunate we are.”

Globe University encourages students to become involved in their communities and workplaces through applied learning projects.  Applied learning is a way in which students can practice and demonstrate what they have learned in their classroom.