Do Students Care About Service Learning?

Globe University-La Crosse students have terrific opportunities to grow beyond their classrooms. Instructors at Globe skillfully coordinate service-learning projects where students can apply classroom knowledge to address real world problems in local and national communities. Concepts from textbooks come alive when they’re taken out of the classroom and put into service to care for a population in need.

medical assistant program

Medical assistant students present on healthy blood pressure for the La Crosse Housing Authority.

In addition to demonstrating how class knowledge applies directly to the real world, students better retain class concepts, and while learning, provide care and support to their communities.

But do students care about service learning in their classroom? Yes, they do!

Vicki is a medical assistant program student who worked on a service-learning project with Sauber Manor, a residence center of the La Crosse Housing Authority. There, along with her classmates, Vicki educated the seniors on healthy heart care and provided blood pressure screenings.

“This project made a big difference in the community of Sauber Manor,” Vicki said. “Not only did the residents make us feel appreciated for being there, but we made the residents feel important by giving them the opportunity to talk and visit with us.”

Accounting degree student Brittany, along with her classmates, supported the Women’s Resource Center of Winona by planning and budgeting a fundraising event for the organization.

Brittany said, “I truly enjoyed this service-learning project. It was good to see and work with information that you will actually see in the real world. It was also nice to help out an organization as great as the Women’s Resource Center of Winona.”


Students in a Globe University Composition class partnered with the United Nations Free Rice program to support their world hunger efforts.

Globe University service-learning projects support local and national organizations! William and his Composition classmates worked on a project with the United Nations Hunger Project and the website. The students created grammar exercises for website users. Every time a user played an exercise, they helped earn rice for people in need.

“The concept of feeding the brain while feeding the hungry is great,” William explained. “It takes 29,000 grains of rice to make a pound, which will feed about eight people. As of this time I have 80,000 grains of rice and am still going.”

Chad, a current student in Globe’s massage therapy program, understands the importance of hands-on training for his career. Massage classes frequently use service-learning projects to provide massage at fundraising events, nonprofit organizations, and local medical facilities.

“I am always looking forward to the massage events,” Chad said. “I find that the variety of people and experience is invaluable to my career choice. I really like the comments [from massage participants]; they just reinforce that I am on the right path.”

Service learning: learning by doing through the act of giving. These students are applying their knowledge while making a difference!


A Globe marketing class created a service-learning project with Riverfront to explore funraising opportunitites for the organization.

Here’s a short list of some of the organizations Globe University-La Crosse has partnered with for service learning projects:

  • La Crosse Housing Authority
  • Riverfront, Inc.
  • Mayo Health System—Franciscan Healthcare
  • Coulee Region Humane Society
  • Gundersen Lutheran
  • United Nations Hunger Program—Free Rice
  • Salvation Army
  • Veterans Court
  • Children’s Museum of La Crosse
  • Mobile Meals
  • Hunger Task Force
  • And many more!

If you know of an organization that would like to partner with Globe University-La Crosse for a service learning project, please contact us!