Emily Post Business Etiquette Comes to Globe University

Business Communications Students Attend Business Etiquette Training

“Good business is fueled by strong relationships. Good etiquette is a necessity of building relationships,” explained Anna Sprague, licensed Business Etiquette Trainer with the Emily Post Institute. “Whenever two people come together and their behavior affects one another, you have etiquette.”

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Anna Sprague presenting her Emily Post Business Etiquette training to Globe students.

Sprague visited Brady Lowe’s Business Communication class at Globe University-La Crosse to teach students the importance of etiquette in professional and personal interactions.

“To make a pleasant and personable impression is not only good manners, but equally good business,” according to the Emily Post Institute.

Using this sentiment, Sprague was able to apply the fundamentals of etiquette to the diverse group of students in Lowe’s class.

One of the key elements Sprague discussed was the importance of thinking before acting. Rebecca Clements, a Globe student pursuing a business administration degree, observed that “thinking before you act is highly valuable…because my actions reflect on the company I am with [and] give an impression to the customer.”

According to Sprague, stress in the workplace can create a vicious cycle that can cause rudeness, which in turn can cause additional stress.

“If you can find a relief of stress…you can greatly improve the outcome of your day and improve the quality of your service to your employees and customers instead of taking out your frustrations on the people who matter,” Emily Frick, health care management student, learned at the training.

business administration degree

Globe students enjoying Anna's business etiquette training.

Sprague added depth to the class with her etiquette presentation. Her training complimented the students’ coursework and provided them with additional tools for success in their future careers. The students enjoyed her presentation and took away a significant understanding of business etiquette.

Ramon Moses, a Globe student pursuing a criminal justice degree, summed up Sprague’s etiquette goals with simplicity, “Think before you act, make choices that build relationships, and do it sincerely.”