Ethical Learning in Paralegal Courses

ethics, paralegal, researchEmma Dunning was able to apply her learning in the Ethics for the Law Office course in Winter Quarter 2012.    Students perform legal research to find cases where an attorney is reprimanded (sanction, disbarment, suspension) in some way for ethical misconduct.  After researching and locating a current case, the student writes a summary of the case and that information is put onto a public blog. Students invite the legal community, friends, family, co-workers, and professors to visit the blog and see the work that they have done.  The purpose is to familiarize the legal community with ethical misconduct issues that have occurred recently. Visitors to the blog are encouraged to comment on the blog. This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to perform legal research, learn more about ethical rules and professional conduct, and to post their findings on a blog.  You can find the blog by clicking here.

Emma shared that this project helped her to learn about more than ethical issues.  Emma also felt this project was instrumental in helping her to learn better research techniques and improve her legal terminology.  Emma is pursuing her Paralegal degree and she hopes to graduates in June 2013.  Emma works full time and is going to school so her free time is limited, however, she does enjoy spending time with friends and family or playing basketball and tennis.