Facebook during classtime just fine with one instructor

Normally instructors
tell students not to go on Facebook during class time, but in Nicole Virant’s
BS170 Customer Service Strategies class at Globe University- Green Bay she
encouraged it. The class participated in a service learning project by teaming
up to work with improving customer service for Heritage Hill State Historical
Park through using a social media strategy. The students have made quite an
impact through learning and improving their communication skills through social
media, ultimately benefiting Heritage Hill State Park and the students

The ability to use social media in business is a great skill to
have for future employment and provides the students a competitive edge with
the development of the social media plan and implementation over the last four
weeks during the Winter quarter. The class has improved Heritage Hill State
Historical Park’s overall social media strategy with a focus on Facebook,
Twitter and LinkedIn. The Director of Heritage Hill, Charles Pelky has been
very appreciative of the work students have done so far this quarter.

Way to build a relationship with and help out an organization in our community, Nicole!