Families Find Hope in High Tea

Globe University, Families Find HopeWhat do you do when the men are out hunting?  Why not join other “Hunting Widows” in a fun afternoon meant just for you?

Women, girls, and even a few men raised their pinkies,donned hats, gloves, and their Sunday best to raise funds for a new nonprofit organization called Families Find Hope.  The first ever fun event was held at the Globe University-Eau Claire campus on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012.

Globe University, Families Find HopeCo-founders Elisa Steinmetz and Lynnette Ketcham began creating a partnership with Globe University when referring one of their clients to the university to assist in finding career and employment opportunities for the individual. Elisa met with Admissions Counselor, Jamey Denning, who became fired up  about the need  for the services Families Find Hope could provide in Eau Claire.

During that visit, Elisa shared her passion and enthusiasm for the work that the organization hoped to accomplish in the community. Elisa shared that the organization is there to provide mentoring, counseling, and support to displaced teens and families. Campus personnel became interested in finding out what else they could do to support the newly organized nonprofit. 

That is when the idea of a “High Tea” fundraiser for the organization began brewing.  Elisa’s ideas stirred the thoughts of Service-Learning Coordinator, Sandy Rutter, into requesting students from her Global Citizenship class to become involved in requesting donations from the community and serving at the High Tea. The marketing skills of Admissions Counselor, Caroline Wee, were engaged to create an invitation and admission ticket for the event. 

Five students — Martie Lockwood,Jay Sayles,Cassie Underwood,Chandra Moe, and Kellie Palumbo — from the Global Citizenship class became steamed up with enthusiasm for the event.

Globe University, Families Find Hope

From left= Globe University students Martie Lockwood,Jay Sayles,Cassie Underwood,Chandra Moe, and Kellie Palumbo

Phone calls to area businesses resulted in fabulous gifts and donations for the tea. Invitations were sent to friends and colleagues. Tickets for tables of five were sold to a ‘hostess’ who planned a theme for the table. The hostess then encouraged friends to dress according to the theme of their table as designated by the “hostess” at the table. The hostess also provided the tea set, tableware, and themed decorations for the table. Hats, gloves, and other finery were the flavor of the day!

Entertainment was provided by some fine area musicians who donated their time and musical talents for the enjoyment of the guests.  Nick and Catherine Seeger played a variety of stringed instruments and music as they went from table to table playing violin and guitar tunes. Diane Guerrero graced the event with her keyboard skills to provide a tapestry of background music. One participant brought a plethora of high-tea worthy hats that were shared to the delight of the guests. Globe University, Families Find Hope