Finding a Paralegal Internship

paralegal internshipCrystal Hollingsworth, Paralegal Student, collaborated with Brian Craig in finding an internship.  Paralegal internships are a portion of the Paralegal program and students learn to work with attorneys in a legal setting, balance timelines and schedules, draft legal documents, and assist an attorney in handling daily matters.  Crystal’s internship at KGP Telecommunications, Inc. was a rewarding experience for both her and Matt Drevlow, Legal Counsel.  Following the completion of her internship, Crystal was offered a full-time position at KGP Telecommunications, Inc.

Crystal graduates on June 21, 2012 with an AAS: Paralegal Degree. Crystal enjoys fishing, hunting, landscaping, gardening, going for walks with her dog named Shelby, and spending time with her family. Crystal also enjoys massaging as a Massage Therapist, which was a career that started nine years ago with MSB.