Food for Thought

Students pack lunches and change lives in Sioux Falls

They aren’t looking for work or a home. They are employed in Sioux Falls but can’t afford lunch. They are the “working poor.”

A group of 13 students at Globe University-Sioux Falls helped the nonprofit, Lunch is Served, Inc., provide a free, midday meal to more than 400 working yet in-need citizens as part of a service-learning project.

The project, which was part of a Global Citizenship class, alerted students to this local need.

“It did not occur to me that there were working poor,” said student Jessica Dykes. “I understood that times could be tough, but I never imagined that you could be working and not have the income to buy a nutritious meal.”

The students transformed ordinary-looking brown paper bags into something extraordinary. They prepared 168 lunches that included two sandwiches, something salty, sweet, fruit and a dessert, plus food for thought—words of inspiration and hope written on pieces of paper.

Student Morgan Bosshart recognized the ability we have to make a difference. “I feel that we have to open our eyes to what is going on in the world around us and utilize the power and rights we already have for the greater good of humanity itself,” Bosshart said.

Terry Peters, Executive Director of Lunch is Served, takes the lunches to Labor Ready, Dakota Staffing, The Banquet and the St. Francis House to be distributed.

“This service promotes increased work attendance, positive work performance and opportunities for involvement with the community…one lunch, one day at a time,” Peters said.