Free Book Exchange Benefits Students and the Community

It started as a conversation in the workroom between two Instructors, Pat Cartmill and Sandy Rutter, discussing disappointment at the news of a nation wide bookstore chain closing and the need for getting books into the hands of young readers.  The idea “hatched” into a plan to begin a “Free Book Exchange” on campus for children from birth through Junior High age readers.

The whole campus is invited to get involved in the project. Claire Roder, Campus Director, has ordered a bookshelf for the “Library”.  Some Global Citizenship students are promoting literacy in the community by reading to students at an area school and day care center. Other students and staff at GUEC have begun collecting books from schools and their own bookshelves to donate to the “Free Exchange Library”.

A box to collect books is located in the Student Commons where a book shelf will eventually hold the books for the exchange library.  Students will participate in naming the “Library” by submitting suggestions and voting on the name. Students and Staff who wish to participate in the naming of the library will donate $1.oo which will be given to the Chippewa Valley Family Literacy Program.

The “Free Exchange Library” is scheduled to open at the Service-Learning Celebration held on Campus on Wednesday, March 14th.  GUEC students will then be able to take books home and return them or exchange them for books their children enjoy free of charge.