From Extern to Employee: One Vet Tech’s Journey to Success

Allison preparing a surgical pack at the Sun Prairie Pet Clinic.

Allison Swart was not your typical vet tech student. With an associate’s degree in music recording technology engineering, Allison worked in Nashville for a recording studio where she met numerous musicians including Faith Hill and Reba McEntire before returning to Wisconsin to work as master controller at a Wausau television station.  She enjoyed her work, but it wasn’t as fulfilling as she had hoped and Allison decided to make a drastic career change.

As a child, Allison dreamt of becoming a veterinarian like her grandfather.  She had always enjoyed being around animals and the health care field was something that interested her as well.  After many discussions with family members, Allison visited Globe University and soon the answer was clear.  She enrolled in the vet tech program at the Globe University – Madison East campus.

Allison holding her patient, Tiger, in place during and x-ray.

Allison was one of the very first students at the Globe University – Madison East campus when it opened in January 2010 and was able to see the campus grow. “Allison is a student who has worked hard her entire time in the veterinary technology program,” said Vet Tech Program Chair Heather Wipijewski.  “Her passion for the veterinary field is strong which is something we cannot teach students.  Her drive to be successful and accomplish her goal of becoming a certified veterinary technician has been apparent in everything Allison does.  It hasn’t always been easy for Allison, however, instead of giving up, she kept going.”

When it came time for Allison’s externship, she knew exactly where she wanted to go. She had been eyeing up the Sun Prairie Pet Clinic for months in hopes of working with Dr. Vitale and couldn’t wait to start her last quarter there utilizing the skills she had learned on campus. Before her externship was over, Dr. Vitale offered Allison a vet tech position at the clinic, which she happily accepted.

“When Allison joined our staff it was apparent that she had both the drive and the training needed to be successful at our facility,” said Sun Prairie Pet Clinic Veterinarian Dr. Christopher Vitale.  “She has consistently shown great ability to learn and master new skills. She promised to be a valuable member of our staff.”