Gaining Experience Through Exploring A Top Company!

This blog is brought to you by student Brandon Shimpa, who will be graduating this spring and is ready for hire! Globe University gives students as much real world, employer ready experience as possible. This blog is an example of that. Great work Brandon!

If you type the word sundog into your word processing software, it may think you’ve made the mistake of typing two words together; but Sundog is a company that is making a name for itself by combining marketing and technology. They have grown from a small company that started in 1996 into a thriving enterprise with over 100 employees and locations in Fargo, Minneapolis, and Denver.

As a Business Management student at the Globe University-Moorhead Campus, I have heard for years about the fun people have working at Sundog. There are rumors of everything from Razor scooter races to celebrities stopping by for a quick autograph session. After visiting their Fargo location, getting the tour and hearing first hand about events from the past, I have to believe that most of these stories have some truth to them.

While it is noteworthy that Sundog is putting marketing and technology together, they are also putting fun and success together.  This has been evidenced by their inclusion on Advertising Age’s list of “Best Places to Work” for 2011 and 2012. Our tour guide for the day, Dirk Monson, a Web Developer at Sundog for the past year, could not have stressed more how great Sundog treats their employees. Every hallway included a story of some random office competition like a pinewood derby race or a keyboarding contest in which the winner received a coveted golden keyboard.

The success of Sundog is no joke either. They are growing quickly and continue to add jobs every year in a market that is eager to have marketing and advertising work for them. Sundog is a company that understands that times are changing. We are using technology differently.  Whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, Sundog strives to make the experience on their website benefit both the consumer and them.Sundog, marketing Their use of new technology together with their high morale and drive for success helps make Sundog one of Fargo/Moorhead’s most successful companies and hands down my dream job after graduation.