Germs are Icky!

Medical Assistant Students Teach Daycare Children the Importance of Proper Hand Washing

Written by Veronica Kruse, Medical Assistant Program Chair at Globe University Green Bay

As the winter season sneaks upon us good hand hygiene is crucial in the reduction of colds and the flu.  Students from Globe Green Bay’s Microbiology and Urinalysis Course thought it was appropriate to teach proper hand washing hygiene to four year olds at Tiny Town Childcare Center.   Through the use of fun activities like coloring pages of germs that were dressed up in funny clothes students conveyed the importance of clean hands.  Students also brought a glow-germ kit to the daycare and also created laminated signs about how to wash your hands, so they could display the signs by their sinks.

Medical Assistant Program Chair Veronica Kruse stated, “When we asked what germs were to the class a little girl said, ‘They are gross things!’  It was the highlight of our trip”.