Glitter Anyone?

Medical Assistant students enrolled in Microbiology and Urinalysis played roles not only as students but also as teachers. Students practiced, prepared and presented information on proper hand washing techniques. Their target audience was a bit different than the normal audience; they were kindergarten students at Youth Enrichment Services, YES.

The two students in MA 212 put together a video and activities to keep the YES children engaged and interested while learning about hand washing. The MA students created sock puppets to help reach out to the children, created a video, taught a song, as well and passed out “glitter germs”. The micro students handed each child some glitter and then instructed them to shake hands with another person to show them how “germs” spread. After the glittery germs were spread the Globe students then assisted the YES children with hand washing skills.

The YES children were able to learn more about hand washing and why it is important all while having fun and learning a new song too. Although the Globe students may not have a future on American Idol, they were able to keep two groups of 20 kindergarten students engaged while understanding healthy habits.