Global Citizenship Impacts Community and Students

Sara Hefty, accounting student, did not realize the impact that she could make as a youth soccer coach.  Sara nervously began as the coach for the Mount Horeb Recreation Department in July and she quickly found out that through coaching and interacting with parents that she was a positive influence on the lives of her 4 and 5 year old aspiring soccer stars.  Sara soon also realized what a “small world” our community is because she knew several of the families and she could see the potential that could develop out of these relationships.  Sara said, “I may work with them as a connection in the future for a job, for a volunteer effort, or for even a play date for my kids!  I learned that it is very enjoyable and rewarding to help with such a program and have a positive influence on such young kids.”

As Sara explored how this experience connected to her class, she knew that her understanding and appreciation of community, active citizenship and social responsibility were heightened because of this opportunity.  Sara also stated, “We have a great community.  Everyone I have met is so nice and friendly and when we had our last game, many parents came up to me and gave me a nice ‘thank you.’ They thanked me for coaching their kids and that their kids had a great experience.  If I can have a positive influence on the kids and the parents, it is all the more rewarding.”

Sara is pictured with her team, she is the coach on the far right.

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