Global Citizenship Students Play Role in Helping the Community

Students in global citizenship were very busy conducting their service-learning projects. Some of the course objectives for Global Citizenship involve exploring the importance of community, being a responsible member of the community, understanding community needs, and practicing active citizenship through community engagement.  These objectives were evident in their various projects.

The students this quarter chose an organization, initiated contact with the organization, and set-up ways in which to help fulfill their needs while understanding their objectives. Our students assisted fifteen organizations through the three sections of Global Citizenship. Students worked with a number of initiatives including mentoring the homeless, feeding the hungry, supporting the elderly and disabled, caring for animals without homes, and helping various events that supported and paid tribute or our community.

Thanks to their efforts this quarter we were able to help make sure people and animals had food, felt supported, provided a safe environment, were celebrated and appreciated.  It is truly encouraging to know that our students were able to see and fill some of the true needs of the Sioux Falls community. There efforts did not go unnoticed by our community, we can estimate that their efforts helped to change over 5000 lives