Globe Gallery Fall Quarter Exhibit

I’ve just hung the latest “Voices from the Globe” exhibit here in the gallery for a “Soft Opening” on Monday, October 8th. All of you present on campus that day will be able to take advantage of a “Sneak Peak” opportunity to come and view the exhibit before it “officially” opens to the public on the 9th.
And oh, you don’t have to worry… Because of how nice everyone is going to look on the first day of school so there won’t be any “munchies” served, so no worries about pesky crumbs cluttering up your shirt front. There will however, be “chewies” served (Tootsie Rolls). So you might want to brush your teeth before you engage in too much conversation!
This exhibit features the works of Christina Saunders, a very talented Business Administration student here at Globe- Sioux Falls. The exhibit includes photography, pen and ink, marker and watercolor, so you will enjoy the full array of her talent. Her exhibit will hand in the Globe Gallery until the end of Fall Quarter.

One piece in particular that I found very intriguing is called “Hidden Jungle”. Animals are hidden throughout the picture, and every time I looked at it I found more and different examples! I think, now, that I have them all. This fascinates me so much that I’ll put out a challenge. The name of anyone who can find all the animals will be put into a drawing to win a $5.00 Starbucks card!

The exhibit is great fun and the artist is very talented, so come and have a look! You won’t be sorry.