Globe, International Institute of Minnesota Team up

Project tackles culture shock, immigrant transition to American life

Global Citizenship students at Globe University-Woodbury got a true taste of citizenship as they collaborated with the International Institute of Minnesota (IIMN) to help immigrants assimilate into American culture.

Founded in 1919, IIMN provides a range of services to new arrivals including food and housing assistance, job training and employment counseling, English classes and citizenship preparation.

IIMN needed a tool to help explain American social and cultural norms. Globe students divided into groups and developed an informational packet about American life, with each small group addressing a specific cultural aspect.

“Participating in this project not only helped me be more compassionate toward others, but it gave a me a better understanding of what a lot of people have to go through on a regular basis,” said student Daniel Hintze.

The students rounded out their hands-on experience by each researching an immigrant’s home country. They made a classroom presentation, highlighting cultural factors that could influence assimilation.

“I plan on going into the field of accounting, and I will certainly cross paths with people of different backgrounds,” Hintze added. “So having had the chance to get better insight into other cultures of the world will only strengthen the relationship I will have with people in the future.”