Globe Students Educate Public about Whooping Cough Immunizations

The symptoms are similar to a common cold, sometimes with a cough.  Several days later the cough will suddenly worsen resulting in uncontrollable coughing.  Pertussis, or whooping-cough, causes violent coughing which makes it hard to breathe.

The U.S. appears to be headed for its worst year for the bacterial disease in more than 5 decades.  Wisconsin now leads the nation for the highest rate of whooping-cough According to the Center for Disease Control, the uptick may reflect a combination of 3 factors: waning effectiveness of the vaccine, possible mutation of the bacteria, and adults not realizing they should get a booster to protect infants,the most vulnerable population.

That’s where Pat Cartmill’s MA212 students stepped out into the community to provide information on the importance of getting vaccinated. For their Service-Learning Project, the students created flyers that contained basic information on Pertussis, the vaccine, and resources where vaccinations are available.

The students distributed 80 flyers at Festival Foods in Eau Claire.  The students were able to have conversations and answer questions as they distributed the flyers. The students will distribute flyers to educate students on campus during the Service-Learning celebration held in September.