Globe University Addresses Hunger in Chippewa Valley

Eight students from Globe University-Eau Claire assisted in feeding the hungry in the Chippewa Valley area. Kandice Bonander, Amber Bradley, Christopher Brantner Jessica Dicus, Victoria Holodnack, Brittney Jepson, Trista Mattson, and Megan Schaefer from the Global Citizenship class met a community need in a big way!

Ashley McCarthy, volunteer coordinator of Feed My People Food Bank in Eau Claire, met with the students to discuss the need for the Food Bank in Eau Claire and the wide area that the facility serves. Ashley explained that the food bank serves 14 counties in Western Central Wisconsin. She also shared that hunger is a problem close to home and not just something that affects people in bigger cities.

Some of the students involved in the project know all too well the problem of hunger. Reflecting on the project, student Victoria Holodnack stated, “This service-learning project helped by just reminding me where I came from and the help my family and I recieved from others. It helped me understand the behind the scenes of how we were able to recieve such assistnace in the dark time of our life. It shed light and helped me become more humble and grateful for it all.”

Britney Jepson realized the enormity of the need while working at Feed My People. Britney found that, “Prior to going to Feed My People I did not know that distribution centers of its kind even existed. I always wondered how [food pantries] were able to always stay supplied.”

The students worked together to package food for distribution to area families, fire victims, and area food pantries. The college students also felt rewarded by packaging weekend meals to be distributed at area schools for students to have over the weekend when they might not have access to three meals a day.

Megan Schaefer was inspired by the project. She discovered that, “This class and my service-learning project helped me become a more aware and informed citizen. In order to get involved and start helping you must first be informed. Then you can take action and inspire others to do the same.” Megan believes that, “If I lead by example, others can become aware and start helping out, then they can reach out to even more people. One person can make a difference, and that person can be me!”

This quarter another eight students are “feeding the area need” by partnering with the Community Table. Students Nicole Aiona, Anthony Gormley, Corey Paczkowski, Melissa Genna, Christopher Cuddy, Kyle Lynn, Andy Walker, and Kelli Palumbo will be preparing, serving, and eating a meal at the Community Table.

The students met with Rachel Keniston, executive director, to discuss the need for the Community Table in Eau Claire. Keniston shared many devastating facts about the need in our community which are similar to statistics throughout the country. She also encouraged the students with the amount of help and support there is available to feed the “food insecure” population.  Keniston is confident that “There is no need for anyone to go hungry in the United States.”