Globe University – Green Bay Vet Tech Program Helps 1,000 Furry Patients

Globe University-Green Bay is celebrating a huge milestone in the community services it offers. The veterinary technology program has just admitted its 1,000th patient! This means more than 1,000 animals from northeast Wisconsin area rescues and shelters have been helped.

IMG_0785Many of these animals may not have been able to receive these services if it weren’t for Globe University providing them as a benefit to the local rescues and shelters.

The goal of offering these services is to free up funds that rescues and shelters can use for other items and hopefully help them see a higher rate of adoption as a result.

“Some patients have come to us more than once for ongoing care. So we have had far more under our roof, but it is amazing to think that we have been able to help that many different animals,” Jennie Wertel, vet tech program chair, said.

These services have ranged from vaccines, bloodwork, radiographs, and even more involved procedures like surgery and dental cleanings. The staff and students have worked tirelessly to build relationships with various rescues and shelters and have worked with over a dozen different rescues to hit this amazing milestone.

“We also owe a big thank you to our rescues and shelters as they have also gone out of their way to help enhance our classroom experience by trusting us to help provide services to their pets; without their help in coordinating and transporting them each week we would not be able to celebrate this moment either,” Wertel explains.Kitty

The rescues are thankful too. Susie Beaupre from the 3B’s Animal Rescue couldn’t tell you how many of their animals have visited Globe University because there’s been so many. Her rescue has saved an immense amount of money through the donated services of the college.

“This allows me the opportunity to get the animals in hands of people who can care for them and love them. That is what Globe has done for me,” Beaupre said.

She sees first hand that Globe University does an excellent job of providing students real-world experience handling  animals.

The Globe University – Green Bay staff and students are celebrating this milestone and take pride in the services they can offer to help make the community a better place for animals and people alike.

“We are looking forward to the next 1,000!” Jennie Wertel said.

To learn more about the veterinary technology program at Globe University click here or call an admissions representative at 877-303-6060. If your business or shelter is interested in working with Globe University, please call a campus near you. We love to hear from you!