Globe University IT Grad Finds Success

Written by Guest Blogger: Globe University-Madison East Information Technology Program Chair Dee Dee Collette

Information Technology degree, Globe University“I just graduated! How can I be expected to have two years of experience already?” This is a question new graduates frequently ask.

Scott Zautke has figured out how to make this work. He completed his associate degree in information technology at Globe University in Madison and now is continuing on for his bachelor’s degree. In the meantime, he has obtained a position with the TDS helpdesk.

Scott said, “I want to take my education as far as it will take me. I take small steps, one at a time. My first objective was my associate degree; I got that. Now it’s my bachelor’s degree and I’m working on that. I would like to pursue some certifications on the way. Anything like that helps. You never know, maybe I will be an instructor someday.”

Internships and employment while in college are crucial for students in the information technology field! Not only does the experience help to fill up a resume, it provides hands-on training that reinforce classroom learning.

“My degree is definitely applicable because I use what I’ve learned and I am learning new things that will help me in my later education,” Scott said.

Looking back on his experience at Globe University so far, Scott said, “I have loved the ride thus far. I haven’t had one day that I didn’t want to go to school or that I regretted going to school.”

Determination and hard work are words that well describe Scott. Before coming to Globe, Scott served for 13 years with the Wisconsin Air National Guard. He did five tours overseas, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Like many of Globe University’s student population, Scott has had to work hard to juggle all aspects of life while pursuing his education.

“I have been doing my best trying to work full time, help raise my daughter, and be a successful student,” Scott said. “I want to get to a place where I can be successful, provide for my family, and basically work a normal schedule.”

Scott’s determination, education and experience will certainly make him a valuable resource within the IT community.