Globe University-Madison West Medical Assistant Students Learn the Value of PR for Blood Drive.

For students in Patient Care Sciences I and II, a lesson was learned on the importance of advertising and promotions during their service learning project.

On the eve of the campus blood drive, it was discovered that their drive secured 13 appointments. Concerned about turnout, students headed out to neighboring businesses to do a final push for the drive. Students also strategically posted signs out on the campus lawn and at a nearby mall.

With a goal set for 25 units collected, Medical Assistants worked feverously while walk-ins and first time donors registered for the drive.  The students also undertook patient care needs and performed post donation vitals.

As the drive came to a close, news came that the students exceeded their goal with 33 collected units. The students also discovered that the drive brought 26 walk in appointments. Many agreed that the eleventh hour work was significant in the final result.

Reflecting on the project, Medical Assistant Student, Breanna Zabel found it very rewarding. She states, “Promoting and working the blood drive was a great experience. I was so glad that I was able to promote the blood drive out in the community and show how great it is to give blood.”

Medical Assistant student and first time donor, Tanya Lewis added “I was nervous about giving blood being the fact that it was my first time. However, I enjoyed being a part of this service project and helping participants.”

The instructors could not have been more proud of their student’s work.

Instructor Judy Bukstein, “My students did an excellent job today. Their last minute promotional efforts certainly enhanced attendance. I was happy to see how well they utilized their people skills by talking with donors. Their engagement made it a comfortable experience for all.”

Instructor Lisa Schroeder added, “Not only did the students practice their skills doing post-draw blood pressures, they were actually able to communicate with the Red Cross employees and ask questions about their jobs.”