Globe University Recognized in National Merit Awards

Partnership with Globe Medical Assistant Program and the La Crosse Housing Authority Honored

medical assistant program

Globe University-La Crosse medical assistant program students and staff with the NAHRO Award of Merit.

For over two years, Globe University-La Crosse medical assistant students have supported the La Crosse Housing Authority (LHA) with interactive presentations to educate residents of seven of the authority’s elderly residential centers. To support the needs of residents, Globe’s Patient Care Sciences classes partner with the La Crosse Housing Authority and provide information learned in their classes.

The relationship “was created to educate residents on the importance of knowing their blood pressure, the meaning behind the numbers, and how to make heart healthy nutritional decisions,” according to the 2013 NAHRO National Merit Magazine. “Due to the majority of residents being on limited income and having decreased access to transportation, the students provide the free health service in the building.”

Each year, the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) recognizes exemplary community development projects. The La Crosse Housing Authority and their partnership with Globe University was one of only two organizations in Wisconsin to be selected for an Award of Merit.

medical assistant program

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials Award of Merit

The Awards of Merit Program honor innovative solutions at organizations that “demonstrate that the best solutions are often local, and that they are committed to serving their communities through groundbreaking programs and services that address local needs and opportunities,” according to NAHRO. Globe, and the medical assistant program, is proud to partner with LHA to support their education programs. In addition, medical assistant program students receive the opportunity to bring their classes to life with these applied learning projects.

“I enjoyed interacting with the public and working with my classes,” Stacy Beardmore, medical assistant student, said. Crystal Bundy agreed, “I liked making connections with the community and educating the elderly residents on healthy living topics.”

medical assistant program

A Globe medical assistant program student taking a resident’s blood pressure.

In addition to gaining experience educating the public, students used their hands-on medical assistant skills. “My ability to interact with members of the community and patients has been increased along with my ability to perform simple blood pressure and pulse checks,” Jackie Lee, a Globe MA student, said.

Mutually beneficial projects like these are the core of service learning at Globe University-La Crosse; students benefit from practicing skills in real world settings and community organizations receive support meeting their needs. This recognition from NAHRO highlights a great example of an exceptional community partnership.

“It’s just been a wonderful, wonderful partnership,” Fawn King, resident service coordinator at LHA, said. “I hope we can continue this service learning project indefinitely.”