Globe University-Sioux Falls Students Develop Marketing Plan for Local Business

Bill Kolbrek with his wife Ann, Director of Career Services.

Bill Kolbrek with his wife Ann, Director of Career Services.

Globe University-Sioux Falls business students currently enrolled in marketing on campus were presented with a unique challenge this quarter -they had to choose a local business to write a marketing plan for. Business program chair and instructor, Angela Livingston suggested to our Director of Career Services, Ann Kolbrek, that students select the engraving business owned by her husband, Bill Kolbrek. They were thrilled to be helping out a business so close to the Globe University – Sioux Falls family.

Here is what business student Shanaley Mueller had to say about the experience:

“We had the good fortune to meet Bill Kolbrek, the vice president for Engraved. Engraved is a small business aimed at selling high-quality, personalized products for their customers. The business was actually started in president, Jim Kolbrek’s basement about 15 years ago. They have since upgraded to have their own facilities located in Tea, SD. Ashlie and I met with Bill early on in the quarter to gather thoughts and ideas about the business and see if he was interested in letting us write a marketing plan for his company. He was more than happy to help us out and provide us with all of the information we needed to provide a successful marketing plan for him.

After careful deliberation, Ashlie and I decided on a few main points for our marketing objectives in order to get the company more involved in marketing activities. We determined that the company should create Facebook and Twitter pages in order to draw in and stay connected with customers. Social media has had an increased prevalence in today’s business and e-commerce world and we found it to be important to any growing small business. We also determined that the company’s website be updated to be more user-friendly to draw in more online customers and business.

Currently, most of Engraved’s business is done through wholesale customers and we determined that it would be beneficial for the company to try and focus on individual customers as well. As they continue to grow, we would like to see them open an in-house retail store in order to attract more of those types of customers that want a customized gift. Engraved currently has its website up and running and sells a variety of custom, laser-engraved gifts for any occasion. Options for products include: coasters, magnets, key chains, ornaments, plaques, and their best-selling item – picture frames.

We were able to meet again with Bill to present the marketing plan to him and provide him with suggestions. He was very appreciative that we were able to take the time and write a marketing plan in order to help him better his company. Ashlie and I are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to help a local business in need, while achieving our education goals. This experience has given us the experience that we needed to apply what we have learned in the classroom to a real-life situation. As a hands-on learner, I really appreciate these opportunities and they are part of the reason why I chose Globe University for my education.”

Congratulations to the marketing students on their great achievement and success this quarter!

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