Globe University Students Host Political Forum, Encourage Voting

Students from the Health Care Policy and Politics class at Globe University-Woodbury campus hosted a Political Candidate Forum with

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Health Care Policy & Politics Class with the Candidates

State Representative Sheldon Johnson (DFL) District: 67B, Representative Tim Mahoney (DFL) District: 67A, and Greg Clausen running for State Senator. The students asked questions regarding jobs, budget, education and healthcare.

Each candidate spoke eagerly about the need for creating jobs. Greg Clausen noted that as an educator, he understands the need to invest in education to compete in the global marketplace. He continues to comment on how affordable tuition and loan costs for college students is needed in order to address the rising cost in higher education.

Representative Mahoney suggested that we need to increase our skilled labor force through partnerships with career and technical schools, local businesses and the State Legislature to help with the job deficit.

“Hosting the Political Candidate Forum was a great experience,” said Jayson Almodovar, Globe University student. “This gave us a chance to see first-hand not only where the candidates stood on important issues, but also how they conduct themselves in person. Nothing compares to actually meeting the candidates face-to-face.”

Globe University-Woodbury student Bryan Dykeman added, “The Political Candidate Forum was my first opportunity to be up close and personal with candidates running for office. My experience was remarkable and exceeded my expectations by far.”

In 2008, between 22 and 24 million young Americans ages 18–29 voted, resulting in an estimated youth voter turnout (the percentage of eligible voters who actually cast a vote) of between 49.3 and 54.5 percent, according to an exit poll analysis released Nov. 4 by CIRCLE, a nonpartisan research center at Tufts University. That made 2008 elections the second-largest youth voter turnout in American history.

As a college student and American citizen, it is important to get your voice heard and vote next Tuesday, November 6. Creating more jobs and finding employment for our students is one of Globe University’s number one goals, and as a college student looking to be placed in their chosen career field, it should be yours too.

“The Candidate Forum gave me the opportunity to meet candidates running in my district,” said Globe University student Olivia Yang. “This was a great lifetime experience that informed me more about my districts job creation and health care.”

Click here to learn more about where to register to vote.