Globe University Students Teach Importance of Proper Nutrition through Pictures

Preschool Aged Children and Medical Assistant Students Decide on Healthy Food Choices

A Medical Assistant student shows the children a picture of a healthy food item.

Patient Care Sciences I students at Globe University-Appleton learned valuable lessons in dealing with others in a professional setting while teaching the importance of nutrition to young children at Project Bridges, a NAEYC accredited, non-profit day care and preschool.

Throughout the course of the class, the students were able to combine lecture and clinical practice to acquaint them with basic concepts of outpatient care. While working with the young children, the students were able to conquer communication issues that arose after realizing that the children may each learn things differently and have shorter attention spans.

Medical Assistant Program Chair Kara Abbott said that students will learn that working with patients of all ages can be difficult and that there are always obstacles to overcome.

“The students learn that working with patients can be a challenging or gratifying experience,” Abbott said.

The children enjoyed looking at the different pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods, and they especially liked recognizing which foods were the healthiest. The students knew that showing the children pictures of the fruits and vegetables would be a great way to interact with them. Near the end of the presentation, students were also able to incorporate a healthy food item with a craft activity by stringing cheerios into necklaces.