Globe University Vet Tech Students Help Seniors With Their Pets

Introduction to Veterinary Technology Class Volunteering at Senior Living Community

Students in the veterinary technology program at Globe University-Woodbury regularly volunteer at two local senior-living communities, Sunrise of Roseville and Boutwells Landing, to help the residents groom their pets.

The efforts were part of a service-learning project, helping students apply the skills they learned in their Introduction to Veterinary Technology class.

Each quarter, students in every program are required to complete service-learning projects in order to give back to the community and utilize skills learned in the classroom.

“I think this service-learning project was more about learning how to communicate with real customers as well as learning how to apply the skills we learned in class,” said Vanessa Ciha, veterinary technology student. “During the service learning, I had the opportunity to perform everything we do in class on an actual person’s dog. I think this service is very beneficial to the field of veterinary medicine because it shows how much we can give back to the community, even if we are only in our first quarter.”

The students performed a variety of services to the animals at the senior living communities, including nail trims and ear cleaning, and one student even helped a gentleman put a harness on his cat.

Tony Knapp, veterinary technology student, talked about how service learning is like a field trip in which students are able to put their talents on the “main stage” while volunteering. He added that volunteering and working hands-on is the best way to learn.

Said vet tech student Lizzy Vanasse:

“We had to explain the procedures we were performing and talk with the owners so they would be comfortable with a stranger clipping their pet’s nails and cleaning their ears. It was a good initiation into the real world and working with owners and not just their pets.”

Lizzy concluded by explaining how grateful and happy the residents were.

“It made me feel like I could use my skills to do some good in this world,” she said.

Service Learning:

As a career college, Globe University believes applied learning is one of the best ways to equip students for the job market. Service learning focuses on preparing students for the workforce by taking the skills learned in the classroom and using them in real-world settings, while at the same time giving back to the community.

Globe University’s Mission:

Globe’s mission consists of two simple yet powerful words: We Care. We care about our students, our employees and the communities we serve. We will demonstrate We Care by preparing career-focused, community-minded graduates for the global workforce.

Globe is committed to:

  • The success of our students
  • Providing growth and a dynamic environment for our employees
  • Building strong relationships with local businesses
  • Enriching our communities