Globe’s Vet Tech Students Use Special Horses to Help Special People

The Globe University-Sioux Falls campus Equine class has developed a special relationship with HorsePower. HorsePower, formerly known as Handi-Riders, Inc., has served the Sioux Empire community for nearly 30 years. They believe in the connective power a horse can have on its riders.

globe university vet tech

HorsePower is a designed therapy, which has proven to have amazing effects on the riders. The impact of these therapies is immediate. Riders’ stiff legs seem to melt into the warm sides of horses. Cramped muscles relax. Slouches morph into perfect posture, proudly showing off riding skills. Children who have never spoken become verbal.

HorsePower offers a variety of therapy sessions depending on the rider’s special needs abilities. These sessions are designed to help the rider achieve therapy goals set by the staff members. Meeting these goals helps riders experience personal growth while developing horsemanship skills, usually with the assistance of leaders or side walkers.

Veterinary Technology program

Dr. Carmen Paulson, DVM

Twice a year, Dr. Carmen Paulson’s Equine class from Globe University’s vet tech department takes a field trip as part of an applied learning project to HorsePower in Sioux Falls, S.D., to practice preventative medicine procedures on their horses. This work entails annual vaccinations, routine deworming, teeth floating, sheath cleaning, and drawing blood for routine tests (ie: venipuncture).

Dr. Paulson is a seasoned equine veterinarian with nearly 18 years of experience working with horses, and the last decade she has been a Solo Equine Veterinary Practitioner. Our students are in good hands and are learning from the best!

Veterinary technology program

Vet Tech students Jocilan Lingen and Sara Lahn

At the end of quarter, each vet tech student must create a vaccination and deworming program for a particular horse they have encountered at HorsePower.

The experience the students gain from this applied learning project and the field trips give them a very good template for which to build their own protocol after they enter the vet tech field.

Sioux Falls and the surrounding area has a rich horse culture and any mixed practice veterinary clinic will have equine patients.

“We can’t do what we do without the support and services of Dr. Paulsen and the vet tech students of Globe University,” says Executive Director Kaia Kloster, PhD.

This collaboration has been very beneficial to both parties. The vet tech students get the opportunity to apply a variety of hands-on skills working on well-mannered horses, and HorsePower saves money on annual expenses associated with keeping their herd of horses healthy.

“The partnership between Globe University and HorsePower seems to be very complimentary of each other’s programs. I’m hoping the relationship can continue well into the future,” Dr. Paulson said.