GU-EC Students Assist in Red Cross Pet First Aid Course

A pet can experience an emergency without warning. Knowing what to do in those first moments can make a difference for you and your pet. The American Red Cross has responded to this need for pets and owners by offering Pet First Aid courses.

The  Application of Vet Tech Skills class will be assisting Dr. Pam Ogden as she holds a Red Cross Pet First Aid course on the Globe University-Eau Claire campus on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

The Vet Tech students will assist Dr. Ogden in the presentation by assisting in passing out materials and in the “hands on” portion of showing pet owners correct procedures of administering first aid to their pets. Pet owners will gain knowledge and skills in administering medication, recognizing an emergency, performing CPR,treating common problems requiring immediate attention, as well as what to stock in a pet first aid kit.