GU-La Crosse Vet Tech Students Educate Local Animal Shelter

Students in the vet tech program learn a range of skills on how to care for animals. On Feb. 28, 2016, five vet tech students from GU – La Crosse went to the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter in Tomah, Wisconsin, to share the skills they have learned in class with the workers at the shelter.


Amy Stinson, CVT, and the vet tech program chair said that a former student who graduated from GU-La Crosse’s vet tech program and works at the shelter, suggested she come in to demonstrate canine and feline venipunctures.

“I wanted my students to show the skills they have learned by demonstrating and teaching someone else,” she said.

This gave her the idea to turn this into an applied learning opportunity for students in the program.

“As much as I love being around animals, I have never actually been to a humane society to volunteer before,” Vet Tech student Alexandria Nelson said. “This opportunity reached out and grabbed me to give me my first exposure to what it is like.”

Students worked with other volunteers on the intake of new animals to the shelter.

“[The shelter is] required to do blood testing on each animal that comes in, so we worked alongside them to teach and learn techniques for blood draws on frisky animals,” Alexandria said.

The students demonstrate how to restrain a dog to perform a venipuncture.

The students demonstrate how to restrain a dog to perform a venipuncture

“It is always a great feeling knowing we are helping animals in need however we can. This time, it was through teaching the shelter members how to draw their blood to be able to test them for diseases,” Alexandria added.

June Lewandoski, another vet tech student who helped out at the shelter, said that she volunteered because she wanted to see the shelter facility as well as learn about their operations and help out.

“I always try to go on all the field trips to see real-world operations outside the classroom,” June said.

Amy said it was a great behind-the-scenes look at shelter medicine and that the students took away knowledge as well.

The vet tech program offers many volunteering opportunities to its students, which are excellent learning opportunities. Examples of past volunteer opportunities include going to an alpaca farm to give injections and assisting at a local goat farm.

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